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Transrectal biopsy in the diagnosis of prostatic carcinoma
Article published in Urologia Polska 1983/36/2.


Janusz Dembowski, Jarowit Stolarczyk, Jerzy Lorenz, Lucjan Otręba
Klinika Urologicznej AM we Wrocławiu
Kierownik: doc. dr hab. med. J. Stolarczyk


Forty-two transireotal needle bioipsias of the prostate were done with a Vim~ -Silveriman-Firankilin needle for confipmdng the diagnosis of prostatic carcinoma. In 90.0% of patients a (sufficient aimount of the tissue was obtained, and in 57.8p/o of cases the clinical diagnosis was comiinmed. The prepairation of the patient for the procedurę, complications and evaliuation of its effects are described.


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