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A case of neurilemmoma type benign tumor of the penis
Article published in Urologia Polska 2005/58/1.


Marcin Matuszewski, Kazimierz Krajka
Katedra i Klinika Urologii Akademii Medycznej w Gdańsku
Kierownik kliniki: prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Krajka


penis, benign tumour, neurilemmoma


The most common lesions occurring within the penis besides skin problems are plaques caused by Peyronie disease. Their treatment is often postponed or even limited to explanation of the nature of this disorder to the patient. The presented case points out that neoplasmatic tumors may have similar appearance. The authors describe a very rare benign penile tumor, which in pathology examination turned out to originate from neural sheath - a neurilemmoma. The lesion was evaluated using nuclear magnetic resonance. Because of the cosmetic effect and difficulty in sexual intercourse, surgical resection was performed. Follow-up after one year did not reveal any recurrence.


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