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Ureteral tuberculosis. investigations on pathogenesis and relationship between the duration of antituberculous treatment and radioilogical pictures of ureteral strictures and histological findings
Article published in Urologia Polska 1981/34/1.


Andrzej Zaruski
Grupa Problemowa Instytutu Gru¼licy d/s Gru¼licy Urogenitalnej
Kierownik: orof. dr med. L. J. Mazurek.


In 84 patients with ureteral tuberculosis pathomorphologieal, radiological and clinical investigations were carried out. The results of the investigations served for drawing conclusions that: ureteral tuberculosis develops mainly from the lumen of the ureter. Stricture of the lower segment of the ureter is due to bladder tuberculosis. After 3 mor.ths of chemotherapy in most patients no histological evidence of ureteral tuberculosis was found. The urographic pattern of the ureter in successive investigations makes possible predicting the results of