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Article published in Urologia Polska 1991/44/1.


Jan Szymanowski, Andrzej Stokłosa, Ewa Koźmińska
Z Oddziału Urologicznego Szpitala Bielańskiego w Warszawie Kierownik Oddziału: dr n. med. J. Szymanowski


Therapeutic results are presented in 8 cases of radical cystectomy done for bladder cancer in which urinary diversion was provided by creation of a tight intestinal bladder. The operation was done by the method of R. G. Rowland using the caecum with a part of the ileum and a part of the ascending colon. The ureters were implanted by the antireflux method.
Two patients died of causes not connected with the operation, in the remaining cases no significant postoperative complications were observed and no Supplementary corrective operations were needed. After a mean follow-up of 10.1 months the condition of the surviving 6 patients is satisfactory and urine flow is very good.


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dr med. Jan Szymanowski, 01-809 Warszawa, ul. Cegłowska 80, Szpital Bielański.