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Ureterocele with megaureter - own observations
Article published in Urologia Polska 2003/56/2.


Andrzej Paradysz, Mieczysław Fryczkowski, Zofia Krauze-Balwińska
Katedra i Klinika Urologii Wydziału Lekarskiego w Zabrzu, ¦l±skiej Akademii Medycznej w Katowicach
Kierownik kliniki: prof, dr hab. Mieczysław Fryczkowski


ureterocele, megaureter, operative treatment, endoscopic treatment


Aim of work. The evaluation results of the treatment of mcgaureters with simple and ectopic ureterocoele in dependence of applied operation tactics and technique.
Material and method. Since 1989 to 2001 had was treated 31 children with megaureter and ureterocele. Simple ureterocele at 12 children and ectopic one at 19 was observed. Operated children\'s age had carried out from 2 months till 10 years, average 3 years. Children with simple cyst were treated endoscopically. Open operations at children with duplication of upper urinary tract were performed. In this heminephrectomy of upper segment at 5 children, anastomosis of both segments at 4. excision of ureterocele with ureteral reimplantation at 10. The time of observation carried out. since year to 12, average 6,5 years.
Results. In children with simple ureterocele good result of the treatment was achieved at 4 (33%) children. It at remaining veslco-ureteral reflux was affirmed exacting surgery. At children with ectopic ureterocele preservation of the function of upper segment was reached at 15 (79%) children. 4 (21%) children required secondary operations with resection of the renal parenchyma.
Conclusions. The choice of treatment of megalouretcr with ureterocele depends from kind and size of cyst as well as state of the upper urinary tract. Endoscopic treatment of simple ureterocele with megalouretcr gives at 33% of patients good results. The distant results depend from degree of primary damage of renal parenchyma.


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