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Epidermoid cysts of the testis
Article published in Urologia Polska 2001/54/1.


Tadeusz Zajączkowski, Winfried Straube
Klinik flir Urologie, Katholische Kliniken Essen-Nord Akademisches Lchrkrankenhaus der Universitat-GHS-Essen, Niemcy Kierownik Kliniki: prof. Winfried Straube


testis, epidermoid cysts, conservative surgery


Epidermoid cysts of the testis are rare benign lesions that clinically resemble intratesticular neoplasms. Preoperative testicular ultrasound and an operative frozen section biopsy may help to establish the diagnosis without resulting to orchiectomy. In such selected cases local excision alone should be considered adequate without violating accepted surgical principles.
Five cases of epidermoid cysts are reported and the literature reviewed. Clinic, pathology and therapy of these tumours are discussed. In all 5 cases the cysts were excised. The patients tolerated the procedure well. They have since had several follow-up visits without any complaints of pain, recurrence or sequelae.


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