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Peripheral hypospadias treated by Mathieu or Snodgrass method - results
Article published in Urologia Polska 2004/57/2.


Tomasz Koszutski, Grzegorz Kudela, Wojciech Utrata, Mirosław Mikosiński, Piotr Starzak, Janusz Bohosiewicz
Katedra i Klinika Chirurgii Dziecięcej Śląskiej Akademii Medycznej w Katowicach,
Górnośląskie Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka i Matki w Katowicach, Oddział Urologii Dziecięcej
Kierownik kliniki: prof. dr hab. Janusz Bohosiewicz


urethra, hypospadias, urethroplasty, children


Comparing the effects of Mathieu and Snodgrass method in treating the peripheral hypospadias.
material and methods
Between June 2000 and December 2002 68 boys (from 11 months to 12 years mean of 37 months of age) underwent operation for peripheral hypospadias. Mathias' or Snodgrass method was applied in 43 and 25 patients, respectively, combined with the plastic repair of the preputium. Postoperative complications, hospital stay and cosmetic effect, as estimated by the parents, were analyzed.
Good results of Mathieu operation were obtained in 33 (77%) boys. In 10 patients urethral fistula developed; no strictures were observed. Snodgrass operation was successful in 19 (76%) patients; urethral fistula and stricture formed in 4 and 2 cases, respectively. The hospitalization period was 3 days after Mathias and 6-8 days after Snodgrass operation. After Mathias operation the parents were satisfied with localization of the external orifice in 22 boys (67%) and its cosmetic effect in 12 cases (36%). The respective figures after Snodgrass procedure were 14 (74%) and 18 (95%). In this group localization and cosmetic effect were found satisfactory in all cases.
The complication rate was comparable in both groups. Snodgrass operation needs longer hospitalization, but its cosmetic effect was estimated as closer to natural.