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Unrecognized preoperatively case of renocolic fistula
Article published in Urologia Polska 1978/31/1.


Sładysław Dobrzęcki, Tomasz Cisek, Andrzej Kaczmarek
Oddział Urologii Szpitala Kolejowego we Wrocławiu
Ordynator Oddziału: dr W. Dobrzęcki
Oddział Chirurgii Ogólnej Szpitala Kolejowego we Wrocławiu
Ordynator Oddziału: doc. dr hab. T. Cisek


The authors report an observed case of idiopathic renocolic fistula. The anomaly was present in a female patient aged 21 years with preoperative diagnosis of hydronephrosis. During the operation hydronephrosis was found in ±ssociation with changes of the type of perinephritis and a fistula was found between the anterior surface of the kidney and the descending colon. Nephrectomy with
resection of the part of the colon containing the fistula was done and the cut ends were anastomosed. The postoperative course was without complications. Histological exami-nation failed to demonstrate neoplastic le-sions or specific infection. The case is repor­ted in view of rarity of such fistulae, succes-ful treatment and lack of correct diagnosis before the operation.