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Evaluation of the degree of traumatic renal damage on the basis of angiography
Article published in Urologia Polska 1978/31/1.


Mirosław Kazoń, Stanisław Miernowski, Jan Szymanowski, Krzysztof Lerch, Mieczysław Zakrzewski
Oddział Urologiczny Szpitala Bielańskiego w Warszawie
Ordynator: doc. dr hab. M. Kazoń
Pracownia Radiologiczna Szpitala Bielańskiego w Warszawie
Kierownik: dr M. Zakrzewski


The principles of radiological diagnosis of renal trauma and tactics of diagnostic procedures are discussed.
The most adyisable diagnostic tactics after renal trauma is direct or indirect renal artery artetiography followed by late urographic films.
In the case of renal trauma the finał diag-nostic conclusions cannot be based only on urography. For demonstrating the validity of this view the authors described 3 cases of renal trauma in which properly performed angiography done as emergency procedurę permitted the actual degree of renal damage to be established and effective treatment to be undertaken.