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Article published in Urologia Polska 1999/52/3.


Katarzyna Radomska, Adrianna Majewska, Zbigniew Jankowski, Jerzy Niedzielski
Klinika Chirurgii i Onkologii Dziecięcej IPAM w Łodzi
Kierownik kliniki: dr n. med. J. Niedzielski


testis acute scrotum children torsion of the testis torsion of the testis appendix surgery


Objective. The aim of the study was to prove that symptoms of acute
scrotum (AS) in children should be considered as an indication for surgery.
Material and method. The causes and ways of treatment of AS in 368 boys,
aged from 5 days to 15 years, hospitalized in the Department of Pediatric
Surgery and Oncology of the Institute of Paediatrics of ŁódĽ University School
of Medicine between 1985 and 1997 were analysed.
Results. Torsion of the testis" appendbc was found in 53.5% of cases, torsion
of the testis in 13.3%, epididymo-orchitis in 26.1%, and other causes of AS in
11.1%. An anamnesis revealed trauma of the perineum in 10% of patients.
Pain of the testis was observed in 81.0% of patients, oedema of the scrotum
in 63%, erythema of the scrotum in 63.9%, pain localized in the upper pole of
the testis in 26.6%, nausea or vomiting in 2.7%, fever in 4.6%, leucocytosis in
10.35%, and immature WBC in 7.3%. Most patients were admitted to the
hospital during the first 12-24 hours after onset of AS symptoms. The number
of surgical interventions in boys with AS increased during last three years.
Conclusions. Because the most fre±uent causes of AS are torsion of the
testis" appendix and torsion of the testis and its clinical manifestation is not
characteristic, in authors" opinion AS in children is an indication for surgery.


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