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Article published in Urologia Polska 1997/50/3.


Mieczysław Fryczkowski, Andrzej Paradysz, Zofia Krauze-Balwińska, Jacek Huk
Katedra i Klinika Urologii ¦AM w Zabrzu
Kierownik Kliniki: prof. dr hab. n. med. M. Fryczkowski


ureters children one side antireflux operations contralateral reflux treatment


Objective. The aim of the study was to analizę the risk factors of contralateral
vesico-ureteral reflux after unilateral antireflux operation in children.
Material and method. 25 children with contralateral vesico-ureteral reflux
after unilateral antireflux operation were observed (7.6% of operated patients).
Risk factors such as: age, sex, side of operation, status of the kidney, urinary
tract infection, type of operation and others simultaneous congenital anomalies
of the urinary tract were analysed.
Results. It was estimated that this complication more fre±uently occured in
children between 4-7 years of age, in duplicated ureters, in urinary tract
infection, after Politano-Leadbetter and Hendren operation.
Conclusion. The possibility of contralateral vesico-ureteral reflux after
unilateral antireflux operation should be kept in mind. When in doubt bilateral
antireflux operation should be performed. The vast majority of complications
can be cured by conservative or endoscopic methods during 2.5 years.


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