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Article published in Urologia Polska 1997/50/3.


Zbigniew Wolski, Aleksander Łapuć, Andrzej Szymański
Katedra i Klinika Urologii Akademii Medycznej w Bydgoszczy
Kierownik: prof. AM. Dr hab. Med. Z Wolski


There are no specific syndromes of HIV infection in genitourinary tract.
Presence of Kaposi Sarcoma or lymphoma may give evidence of HIV infection.
Also testicular tumors are more fre±uent diagnosed at AIDS patients. Every
opportunistic infection of genitourinary tract caused by unusual pathogens
viral, fungal, tuberculosis
people. Haematuria of unknown etiology may be an indication for HIV testing.
The main mode of transmission of HIV infection are sexual contacts but also
exposure to blood, semen and urine containing infected blood. Possible
transmission of HIV infection to health care workers occurs during physical
examination, especially digital rectal examination. There is also exposure to
HIV infection performing transrectal ultrasound examination and the prostate
biopsy. Endoscopic procedures (cystoscopy, TUR, PCNL, URS) make also
possible exposure to infected blood mixed with urine. Risk for HIV transmission
to health care workers isn't high and is estimated less than 0.5%.


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