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Article published in Urologia Polska 1996/49/3.


Andrzej Stokłosa, Cezary Szcześniak, Jerzy Milewski
Katedra i Klinika Urologii AM w Warszawie
Kierownik: Prof. dr hab. med. Andrzej Borkowski


kidney neoplasms metastases to kidney


We reported on the rare case of secondary (metastatic) kidney tumor, originating
from the carcinoma of the uterine cervix, in the 58-year-old woman with history of the
primary (stage III) uterine cervix carcinoma treated by radiotherapy one year before.
She underwent radical nephrectomy and was disease ? free for 4 months after surgery,
then showed disseminated neoplastic disease and died from cancer few weeks later.


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