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Cystic cystitis and glandular cystitis producing bilateral hydronephros
Article published in Urologia Polska 1982/35/3-4.


Andrzej Borkowski, Aleksander Wasiutyński
Klinika Urologiczna Instytutu Chirurgii AM w Warszawie
Kierownik: prof dr hab. med. T. Krzeski
Zakład Anatomii Patologicznej Instytutu Biostruktury AM w Warszawie
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. med. S. Kru¶


A case cystic cystitis and another case of glandular cystitis are described. The lesions had the form of bladder triangle tumours. In both cases a very rare complication developed, that is bilateral hydronephros caused by eompression of both urethral orifices. In one case both ureters were transplanted into the healthy par of the bladder, in the other caise only one ureter was transplanted and ure-teroureterostomy was done above that anastomosis. The methods of treatment of this complication are presented and the suggestion is put forward that primary cystectomy in these cases is a too radical management with the present state of knowledge.


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