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Holmium:YAG laser lithotripsy performed in the ureter of a patient with Bricker urinary diversion
Article published in Urologia Polska 2005/58/1.


Jan Kawecki, Wiesław Duda, Kamil Bochynek, Artur Pietrusa
Oddział Urologiczny Szpitala im. E. Michałowskiego w Katowicach
Ordynator oddziału: dr n. med. Wiesław Duda


ureter, ureteral calculus after Bricker operation, lithotripsy, holmium laser


The paper presents a case of a young female patient with recurrent ureterolithiasis situated at the ureteroileostomy site (the patient's history included Bricker operation carried out in her childhood - urinary diversion caused by bladder extrophy).
The calculus was removed effectively by transcutaneous approach through the nephrostomy canal using holmium: YAG laser for lithotripsy. Granulated calculi remaining in the ureter after lithotripsy were removed with small forceps.
The advantages of the selected surgical approach to the calculus and the effectiveness of crushing urinary calculi with a holmium: YAG laser are emphasized in conclusions.


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