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A case of leftside inguinal hernia with complete displacement of the bladder to the scrotum
Article published in Urologia Polska 1994/47/4.


Ryszard Prędki, Zbigniew Kwias, Józef Traczyk
Z Kliniki Urologii Akademii Medycznej im. K. Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu
Kierownik Kliniki: Prof. dr med. hab. Z. Kwias


Authors describe a rare case of total displacement of urinary bladder to the left part of the
scrotum through the inguinal canal (scrotal cystocele) in 55 year old man. Heavy disuria
described by the patient made diagnosis of slide bladder hernia possible.
Additional examinations such as urography and uretrocystography showed isolated dis-
placement of the blader towards the scrotum. During the operation, after isolation of hernia
sack, the content of the hernia sack was only the bladder. Urinary bladder could easily be
displaced into retropubic space


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prof. dr hab. med. Zbigniew Kwias
Klinika Urologii
61-833 Poznań, ul. Szkolna 8/12