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PH. Eveluation of ileal detubulariscd orthotopic urinary bladder
Article published in Urologia Polska 1994/47/4.


Andrzej Bugajski, Piotr Thor, Marek Filipek
Praca pochodzi z Kliniki Urologicznej CM UJ
Kierownik Doc. dr hab. A. Bugajski
oraz z Instytutu Fizjologii CM UJ
Dyrektor Prof. dr hab. S. Konturek


Hydrogen ions concentration in urine is important for urolithiasis pathogenesis. PH and
urinary infections are well known predisposing factors for urinary lithiasis. Ileocystoplasty
24 h changes of PH in urine in patients with ICP, food influence and streching of ileal wall on
urine pH. All day eranination of pH has been carried on in two groups of patients: control
group of 10 with BPH and group of 12 after ICP using Digitraper and antymone electrode
Synectics, Sweden
analized by the Computer programme. It has been found that urine pH in control group was
5,1 + 02 in group of patients after ICP 6,8 + 03 which suggests that ileal bladder is able to
produce bicarbonates. These results suggest necessity to acidify urine in patients with ICP in
order to prevent infection and urolithiasis.


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dr hab. med. Piotr Thor
31-531 Krakˇw, ul. Narzymskiego 12.