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Evaluation of paliative treatment of kidney cancer
Article published in Urologia Polska 1994/47/1-2.


Anna Brandys, Marek Pawlicki
Z Kliniki Chemioterapii Instytutu Onkologii w Krakowie
Kierownik Kliniki: Prof. dr hab, med. M. Pawlicki
Z Przychodni Chemioterapii Instytutu Onkologii w Krakowie
Kierownik Przychodni: Lek. med. A. Brandys
Dyrektor Instytutu Onkologii w Krakowie: Prof. dr hab. med. Jan Skołyszewski


Group of 139 patients with kidney cancer have been paliatively treated with systemic
chemotherapy — 53 patients, with hormonotherapy — 64 patients, and Immunotherapy — 24
The aim of the investigation was evaluation of cffectiveness of paliative treatment and
emerging the group of patients in whom this kind of treatment may be effective. Criteria of
effectiveness are: remision time and survival time.
Remarkable remision time has been achieved only in patients with lung metastasis after
nephrectomy. Immunotherapy has been proved to be the most successful method of treatment.
Treatment of primary rion-operatiw kidney cancer seeMs tO be useless.


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