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Conservative treatment of urinary incontinence following prostatectomy
Article published in Urologia Polska 1979/32/2.


Jan Leńko, Wieńczysław Monita
Klinika Urologiczna Instytutu Chirurgii WAM
Kierownik: prof. zw. dr J. Leńko


In 7 patients with urinary incontinence developing after prostatectomy perfor-med by the methąd of Millin, Freyer and Hryntschak the method of Fryszman recommended for conservative treatment of effort urinary incontinence in females was used. Five milliliters of resh blood of the patient was injected into the region of bladder neck through the perineum controlling the direction of the needle with finger in the rectum, In 4 cases incontinence disappeared after 5—7 injections, in 2 patients after 2 series of injections and in 1 after three series of injections. The method is technically simple, well tolerated by the patient and its late results are good.


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