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Evaluation of the effectiveness of cytological testing of urine in diagnosing and determining the stage of malignancy in urinary bladder cancer
Article published in Urologia Polska 1992/45/2.


Stanisław Biernat, Janusz Kopczyński
Z Zakładu Patomorfologii WAM Kierownik: prof. dr hab. med. A. Kulig


Cytological tets of urine, in duplicate and triplicate, from 50 patients with bladder tumours were performed. In 49 patients cancer cells were found at least in one test, and only in 1 patient, with tumours of the lowest grade of malignancy, (group I) the cytological test was negative. Most often the cancer cells were discovered in tumours of the highest grade of malignancy (group II-96.0%).
Also in these tumours the accuracy of determination of the stage of tumour malignancy was the highest (80%).
In groups II and I these values were lower and amounted to 53.0% and 75.0% for group II, and 46.0% and 70% for group I, respectively. The paper discusses decisive factors in the effectiveness of cytological examination of urine and points to diagnostic difficulties and causes of erroneous diagnoses.


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