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Assessment of response of 17 hydroxyprogesteron to antiestrogen stimulus in blood serum and seminal plasma in fertile patients and in patients with soermatogenesis disorders
Article published in Urologia Polska 1992/45/2.


Marek Mędraś, Andrzej Milewicz, Jacek Winowski, Georgios Ziotas
Z Katedry i Kliniki Endokrynologii AM we Wrocławiu, kierownik: doc. dr habil. med. A. Milewicz


There was determined the concentration of 17 OH-P in blood serum and in seminal plasma in basic conditions and after clostilbegyt stimulation (10 days, 100 mg per die) in fertile patients and in patients with tubular azoospermia and Idiopatic oligozoospermia, normogonadothropic, positively or negatively reacting to prolonged treatment with clostilbegyt (240 days, 50 mg per die). The initial mean blood serum concentration of 17 OH-P did not statistically differ in respective groups, and after antiestrogen stimulation it showed statistically significant increase only in men with azoospermia and oligozoospermia, negatively reacting to prolonged antiestrogen therapy.
The initial mean 17 OH-P seminal plasma concentration was twice lower from that of blood serum and did not show statistically significant difference between the studied groups, both in basic conditions and in dynamic test with clostilbegyt. It has been pointed out that the assessment of 17 OH-P in blood serum as well as in sperm is not a sensitive index of hormonal function of the testes and there is no obvious relation to spermatogenesis and to the effect of antiestrogen treatment on semen.


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