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Extrarenal calyces as a cause of nephrolithiasis and hydronephrosis
Article published in Urologia Polska 1978/31/4.


Eugeniusz Miękoś, Wieńczysław Monita
Klinika Urologiczna Instytutu Chirurgii WAM w Łodzi
Kierownik Kliniki: prof. zw. dr med. J. Leńko


Extrarenal calyces are rare delopmental renal lesioji. The authors describe male patient in whom, besides this lesion, shape disorders, lobar structure, vascular abnormalities, large sinus renalis, anterior pelvix, hydronephrosis
in superior calyx were found in the right kid­ney.
Radiological diagnosis of the anomaly is difficult and definite diagnosis was madę du­ring surgery.


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