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PreLiminary experiences in applying M-VAC neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with advanced cancer of urinary bladder (T2-T4)
Article published in Urologia Polska 1991/44/3.


Andrzej Borkowski, Jędrzej Michalec, Adam Pawinski, Danuta Gajl, Grzegorz Madej, Tadeusz Krzeski
Z Katedry i Kliniki Urologii Instytutu Chirurgii AM w Warszawie
Kierownik Kliniki: prof. dr hab. med. T. Krzeski
Dyrektor Instytutu: prof. dr hab. med. M. Szostek
Z Zakładu Radioterapii Centrum Onkologii w Warszawie
Kierownik Zakładu: prof. dr hab. med. A. Hliniak
Z Zespołu Chemioterapii Centrum Onkologii w Warszawie
Kierownik Zespołu: doc. dr hab. med. G. Madej
Dyrektor Instytutu: prof. dr hab. med. J. Steffen


The authors present preliminary opinions on the application of M-VAC neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in 36 patients with infiltrating tumours of urinary bladder. Comparing the effect of chemotherapy after 2 courses, assessed cytoscopically, with the fates of patients in respect to further treatment applied, it is suggested that in patients with total tumour remission after 2 courses the proper procedure should be cystectomy or irradiation of bladder. Continuation of systemic chemotherapy seems to be justafied only in patients in whom cystoscopic picture shows Considerable decrease of the tumour size. Patients with no response after 2 courses of chemotherapy have poor prognoises.


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prof. dr hab. med. Andrzej Borkowski. Klinika Urol. 02-005 Warszawa, ul. Lindleya 4