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Laparoscopic cystectomy - an experience of the treatment of two patients
Article published in Urologia Polska 2002/55/2.


Marcin Słojewski, Adam Gołąb, Andrzej Sikorski
Katedra i Klinika Urologii Pomorskiej Akademii Medycznej w Szczecinie Kierownik kliniki: prof, dr hab. Andrzej Sikorski


laparoscopy, cystectomy, bladder cancer


Purpose. We report our experience in laparoscopic cystectomy for bladder carcinoma on the basis of two treated patients.
Material and methods. Details are given of surgery, used in two patients operated on for carcinoma of the bladder. One of them (a man) uderwent a cystoprostatectomy with ileocutancostomy m. Bricker. The urinary diversion was performed by minilapa-rotomy. For the other (a woman) we used laparoscopy for cystectomy, histerectomy and removal of nonfunctioning kidney, and ureterocutancostomy was the mode of urinary diversion.
Results. There were no serious complications. The operative times were 565 and 470 minutes, respectively. The cardiac and respiratory disorders, observed in a woman, were treated in the Intensive Care Unit. Both patients were discharged from hospital seven days after surgery.
Conclusions. Radical cystectomy may be performc with the use of laparoscopic technique. In comparison with open surgery, laparoscopy offers perfect cosmetic results and considerably shorter hospitalization. The role of laparoscopic cystectomy and its oncological effect should be further investigated in prospective trials.


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