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Endometriosis of the bladder and the ureter
Article published in Urologia Polska 2002/55/2.


Wojciech Pypno 1, Maciej Zbrzeźniak 1, Adam Gajda 1, Joanna Ostrowska 2
1 Klinika Urologii Centrum Medycznego Kształcenia Podyplomowego w Warszawie Kierownik kliniki: prof, dr hab. Andrzej Borówka
2 Zakład Patomorrblogii Centrum Medycznego Kształcenia Podyplomowego w Warszawie Kierownik zakładu: dr Krzysztof Bardadin


bladder, ureter, endometriosis, hematuria


Endometriosis is quite a common disease, in wieh endometrial tissue is found outside the cave of the uterus. In rare cases endometriosis affects urinary system organs. The authors present a case of urinary bladder and ureter endometriosis in a 48-years old woman. They regard the diagnosis of endometriosis as most probable, since it was assumed only on typical periodicity of symptoms and positive danazol treatment, without histopathological confirmation. Prolonged course of the disease led to cirrhosis of the bladder and finally to its removal.


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