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Treatment of advanced prostate cancer by gosereline depot and bicalutamid - assessment of efficacy and safety
Article published in Urologia Polska 2001/54/4.


Tomasz Szopiński, Artur Antoniewicz, Mieczysław Koziarski, Andrzej Borówka
Zespól Dydaktyki Urologicznej CMKP, Oddziału Urologii Centralnego Szpitala Kolejowego w Warszawie Kierownik zespołu i ordynator oddziału: prof, dr hab. med. Andrzej Borówka


prostate, prostate cancer, maximal androgen blockade, Zoladex LA, Casodex


Aim of the study which was the part of the muhicenter clinical trial according to protocol 7054PO/0001 evaluating the efficacy and tolerance of pharmacological maximal androgen blocked (MAB) by using Zoladex LA 10,8 mg and Casodex, 50 mg in patients with advanced prostate cancer (T3-4 Nx M0-1). This one -year study recruited 15 patients aged 63 to 77 years. Zoladex La was administered subcutaneously every 3th week of treatment. Finale results were thou based on 14 patient\'s records. In 3 cases administration of MAB was stopped before 1 year due to progression of cancer. All 11 remaining patients passed the I-year period of treatment with clinical improvement and reduction of PSA level. Side effects were noted in all cases in a form of hot flushes of moderate intensification.
Results of the study shows that pharmacological MAB by using Zoladex LA and Casodex is efficient way of treatment of advanced prostate cancer. Side effects during therapy are low and usually occur in moderate intensity and do not oblige to the treatment withdrawn.


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Tomasz Szopiński
Centralny Szpital Kolejowy, Oddział Urologii
al. Bursztynowa 2
04-749 Warszawa