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Article published in Urologia Polska 1999/52/2.


Dariusz Nalej, Dariusz Krzemiński, Marcin Szepietowski
Oddział Urologiczny ZOZ w Żyrardowie
Ordynator Oddziału: dr n. med. D. Krzemiński


bladder urachus adenocarcinoma


History of a 56 year old man suffering from the adenocarcinoma placed on
the top of bladder. Before correct diagnosis has been made, the diagnostic
cystoscopy had been done few times, because of the incidental haematuria.
Because the primary tumour was located in the difficult to reach by endoscopy
place (nearly the whole tumour was located outside the bladder, nearby the
top of it) false diagnosis has been made few times. After correct diagnosis the
patient was operated by partial cystectomy. The postoperative period run
smoothly without any events. The control cystoscopy after few years did not
show cancer recurrence.


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