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Article published in Urologia Polska 1998/51/1.


Wiesław Węglarz 1, Anna Krygowska-Wajs 2, Zygmunt Dobrowolski 1, Andrzej Szczudlik 2
1 Klinika Urologii CM UJ w Krakowie
Kierownik Kliniki: dr hab. med. Z. Dobrowolski
2 Klinika Neurologii CM UJ w Krakowie
Kierownik Kliniki: doc. dr hab. med. A. Szczudlik


urinary tract Parkinsona disease micturition disturbances


Objective. Disturbances of autonomie system are not a well-known element
of clinical picture of idiopathic Parkinson?s disease. The aim of the study was to evaluate a frequency of urodynamic disturbances in patients with idiopathic Parkinson?s disease and their relationship to the degree of the disease advance.
Material and method. The investigation was carried on 41 patients aged
between 37 and 84 years (mean 61.5). Neurological examination, including
evaluation of parkinsonism according to UPDRS scale (Unified Parkinson's
Disease Rating Scale) was conducted together with urological one, including
uroflowmetry and cystometry. Patients with the infection of urinary tract
and with the prostate hypertrophy were excluded from the examination.
Results. 32 (78%) patients had urinary symptoms: frequency in 27 cases
165%), urgency in 9 cases (21%), urge incontinence in 1 case and dysuria in 1
case. Disorders in urodynamic examination were found in 26 cases (63%);
they were: detrusor hyperactivity in 21 cases (51%), prolonged, time of
micturition in 18 cases (43%) and decrease of maximum flow rate in 19 cases
Conclusion. No relationship between urodynamic distrubances and the
age of patient, as well as the duration of disease, was found. Detrusor
hyperactivity was more frequent in urodynamic examination of patients with
extent par kinsonian motor signs (III part of UPRDS).The results of
examination indicate frequent urodynamic distrubances oceurrence already
in the early stadium of the disease.


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