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Comparison of anatomical conditions for resection of upper and lower renal pole
Article published in Urologia Polska 1978/31/1.


Piotr Podsiadły, Józef Zalewski, Bohdan Kozłowski
Klinika Chirurgii Gastroenterologicznej Instytutu Chirurgii AM w Białymstoku
kierownik: doc. dr hab. J. Zalewski


Anatomical studies were carried out on 100 human kidneys obtained from cadavers analysing the calycopelvic, arterial and venous systems from the standpoint of resection of the upper renal pole. It was found that in this operation ligation of the segmental arteries in the hilus is impossible. The anatomical conditions for resection of the upper and lower poles were compared and it was disclo-sed that operation of the upper pole is much more difficult than that of the lower pole, due to differences in the course of segmental arteries in both these parts of the kidney.