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Article published in Urologia Polska 1997/50/3.


Andrzej Antczak, Zbigniew Kwias, Witold WoĽniak 1, Krzysztof Słowiński 2, Jerzy Stefanowski 3
1 Katedra i Klinika Urologii Akademii Medycznej
im. K. Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu
Kierownik Kliniki: prof. dr hab. med. Zbigniew Kwias
2 Klinika Chirurgii Urazowej Akademii Medycznej
im. K. Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu
Kierownik Kliniki: prof. dr hab. med. Krzysztof Słowiński
3 Instytut Informatyki Politechniki Poznańskiej
Kierownik Instytutu: prof. dr hab. Roman Słowiński


urinary tract urolithiasis ESWL rough set theroy


Objective. The aim of this study was summarize our own experiences based
on the use of Rough set theory to analyse an urolithiasis treatment using ESWL
Material and method. We created the data base based on 500 randomly
choosed patients. The information system based on 26 preoperative attributes
coming from history of disease, laboratory, X-ray and ultrasound investigations
and 2 classifications which estimated the postoperative patients status and
treatment effect was created. The dependences beetwen attributes and the
results of treatment were settled down employing the microcomputerized
system of data analysis - Rough DAS. According to that the collection of decision
rules was created. The decision rules which we settled down have got a practical
value for initial ±ualification and expectation effect after ESWL procedure.
Conclusions. The decision rules which represent our experience up to now
could determine the principle on which the Computerized decision support
system could be used in the treatment of new patients with urolithiasis.


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