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Article published in Urologia Polska 1997/50/2.


Paweł Szymanowski, Zbigniew Kwias, Witold WoĽniak, Wiesław Sokołowski
Katedra i Klinika Urologii AM im. K. Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu
Kierownik Katedry i Kliniki: prof dr hab. Zbigniew Kwias
Oddział Urologiczny Zespołu Opieki Zdrowotnej MSWiA w Poznaniu
Ordynator Oddziału: dr med. Wiesław Sokołowski


kidney neoplasms oncocytoma diagnosis


Objective. Renal cell carcinoma is the most fre±uent kidney tumor. However one can
find the incrising number of eosinophilic cell neoplasms (oxyphil adenoma) - oncocytoma.
Estimation of findings depicting kidney tumors and difficulties in early diagnosis were
Material and method. In Urology Clinic in Poznań during last 14 years (1982-
1995) 832 patients were operated due to renal tumors. In 12 (1.4%) oncocytomas were
found after patomorphological examination. Clinical symptoms, sise and localization of
the tumors in kidney and occurence according to the sex and age were described.
Comparison of the own and other results were carried out.
Conclusion. The best treatment in smali renal tumors should be a tumorectomy, but
diagnostic difficulties before surgical intervention are the reason why a radical
nephrectomy is prefered


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