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Article published in Urologia Polska 1997/50/2.


Witold Cerski, Eugeniusz Miękoś, Zbigniew Jabłonowski
Klinika Urologii Wojskowej Akademii Medycznej w Łodzi
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. med. E. Miękoś


kidney renal cell carcinoma neoplasm metastasis ? interferon a 2a


Objective. The effectiveness of interferon a 2a therapy (Roferon-A) in patients with
non-operating renal carcinoma with or without metastases was estimated in the
preliminary report.
Material and method. We have treated 7 patients with renal carcinoma. In 3 of them
the interferon therapy followed the non-radical nephrectomy (tumor exceeding Gerota's
fascia), and in 4 renal artery embolisation was performed before interferon therapy.
Patients received interferon monotherapy in 3 or 6 months cycles. Interferon was
applied in subcutaneous injections three times a week in doses growing from 3 to
maximally 18 MIU. The exact dose depends on the patients drug tolerance.
Flu-like symptoms were the common side effect in all the patients.
In all patients biochemical blood tests were performed every month. Ultrasonography,
chest X-ray film, CT of abdomen and renal scintigrąphy were performed every 3 months.
Results. In 6 patients no progression of the disease was found. One patient died 3
months after the therapy. The longest follow-up period is 28 months.
Conclusion. The interferon a 2a therapy (Roferon-A) seems to be encouraging.


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