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Oncocytoma renis as a diagnostic problem.
Article published in Urologia Polska 1996/49/2.


Dariusz Ku¶, Andrzej Łabędzki 1, Jerzy Goliszewski, Andrzej Musierowicz 1
Z Oddziału Chirurgii Ogólnej.
Ordynator Oddziału: doc. dr hab. n. med. W. Stryga.
1 Z Oddziału Urologicznego.
Ordynator Oddziału: prof. dr hab. n. med A. Musierowicz.


kidney neoplasms oncocytoma diagnosis.


In the years 1993-1995 at Urology Ward and at General Surgery Ward, Prcwincial
Traumatic Surgery Hospital, Warsaw, 83 patients were operated on renal tumors. Four
cases (4.8%) of oncocytoma renis were revcaled by histological examination. The ana-
lysis included the diagnosis difficulties of this rare kidney neoplasm. The authors also
present the age group where oncocytoma renis was the most common and its incidence in
both kidneys and their parts, as well as in both sexcs. The literature was reviewed.


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