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Palliative interferon a 2b treatment of patients with malignaent renal neoplasms with metastases. Preliminary report.
Article published in Urologia Polska 1996/49/2.


Teresa Kardel-Mizerska, Andrzej Sikorski, Grażyna Cieślińska-Wilk
Z Kliniki Urologii PAM
Kierownik: dr hab. med. A.Sikorski
i z II Zakładu Diagnostyki Rentgenowskiej PAM
Kierownik; dr hab. med. G.Cieślińska-Wilk


kidney metastases interferon a 2b.


Objcctive: Influence of Interferone alfa 2b (Intron A) on the patients with matastatic
renal carcinoma after nephrectomy.
Patients and metod: All the 10 treated patients were found to have lung and lympho-
nodes metastases. In 4 the remaining kidney was involved, in 4 - liver metastases were
found, 6 had osseous metastases and 3 - local recurrence. The patients rcceivcd interfe-
rone alfa 2b in subcutancous injections, twice a weck, cvery 10 weeks in a dose of 3 x
It)6 TU.
5 patients had 1 cycle of therapy, 3-2 cycle and 2-3 cycle.
Results: In 2 patients partial remission had been found lasting for one year, in 3-
stabilization of the disease for 5-8 months. Improvemcnt in general condition according
to Karnofsky scale was found in all treated patients after completing the first cycle of
Flu-like symptoms were the common side-effect in all the patients.
Conclusion: Will be presented after completing the study.


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