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Comparalive value of ultrasonography, Computerized tomography and angiography in the staiging of renal tumors.
Article published in Urologia Polska 1996/49/2.


Marek Wyczółkowski, Bohdan Pawlicki, Marek Filipek, Andrzej Stelmach
Z Kliniki Urologii Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego,
(p.o.) Kierownik Kliniki dr med. Zbigniew Piasecki.


kidney neoplasms diagnosis visual methods.


A retrospective analysis of patients with renal tumors which were treated at Univer-
sity Departament of Urology of Jagiellonian University from 1990 to 1994 focusing on
imaging modalietes as ultrasonography, Computerized tomography and renal angiogra-
phy was done.
Patients and methods
The study group consists of 115 patients. Ultrasonography was performed in all ca-
ses. Computerized tomography was performed in 106 cases, angiography in 31 cases
and cavography in 10 cases. We compared diagnostic valuc of this 3 methods in the
estimation of:
1. Local tumor extension beyond the kidney (infiltration of the perirenal fat).
2. Evidence of tumor thrombus within the renal vein and/or inferior vena cava.
3. Evidence of regional lymph node methastases.
Local tumor extension was determinated correctly by ultrasonography in 73 per cent
of the patients, Computerized tomography was almost reliable as ultrasonography and
was correctly in 69 per cent of the examinations. In contrast the local tumor extension
was determined correctly by angiography only in 64 per cent of the examinations. Evi-
dencc of regional lymph node methastases was detennined correctly by ultrasonography
in 92,2 per cent, in angiography in 87 per cent and in Computerized tomography in 84
per cent. Evidence of tumor thrombus in the renal vein and/or inferior vena cava was
detennined correctly by angiography (completed in 10 cases by cavography) in 87 per
cent of examinations, by ultrasonography in 84,3 per cent and by Computerized tomo-
graphy in 83 per cent.
From these results ultrasonography appeares to be an effective, noninvasive, ine-
xpensive and safe diagnostic procedure of renal tumors. The use of angiography should
be limited to patients with venous extension.


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