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Molecular mechanism in penile erection and erectile dysfunction in elderly
Article published in Urologia Polska 2004/57/2.


Sławomir Dutkiewicz
Centrum Leczniczo-Rehabilitacyjne i Medycyny Pracy ATTIS w Warszawie
Konsultant ds. urologii: dr hab. Sławomir Dutkiewicz


penis, erection, erectile dysfunction, aging process, nitric oxide, cavernosal endothelial cells, cavernosal smooth muscle cells


The penile erection requires co-operation between central and peripheral nervous system and vascular system. The paper presents the results of physiological and biochemical studies on the erection (including the role of intricate biochemical reactions within cavernosal endothelial and smooth muscle cells). Many changes and alterations in the penis structure and function can occur independently of various diseases and exert negative effect on erectile function. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction substantially increases in the elderly men. Its mechanisms are discussed.