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Article published in Urologia Polska 1989/42/2.


Andrzej Stokłosa, Jan Szymanowski
Z Oddziału Urologii Szpitala Bielańskiego w Warszawie
Kierownik Oddziału: dr n. med. J. Szymanowski
Dyrektor Szpitala: lek. med. W. Taniewski


Bilateral metastasis into adrenal glands in the course of cancer of the kidney unusually rare. Only 5 such cases have described in Publications all over the world.
The authors present two patients with cancer of the kidney with simultaneous metastasis into the two adrenal glands confirmed by post mortem examination, which makes up 1.4°/o of 143 patients operated from 1976 to lst September 1988. The metastasis in the two patients were the cause of early postoperative death after radical nephrectomy. Because of normal concentrations of 17-hydroxysterids and ketosterids in the blood serum and in the urine and because of lack of adreno-cortical failure failure before surgery, the physicians did not apply sterid therapy in the postoperative period.
The authors conclude that it is necessary to perform Computer tomography be­fore surgery and protect a patient with neoplasms of the kidney against unexpected adrenocortical failure in the postoperative period.


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