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The use of paediatric electroresectoscope in the treatment of urethral strictures in men
Article published in Urologia Polska 1982/35/3-4.


Leszek Jeromin, Zbigniew Janiak, Marek Rożniecki
Klinika Urologiczna Instytutu Chirurgii AM w Łodzi
p.o. Kierownik Kliniki: doc. dr hab. med. L. Jeromin
Dyrektor Instytutu: doc. dr hab. med. H. Zalech


The authors describe a method in the treatment of urethral strictures in men with a paediatric elecroresectoscope. In view of increasing incidence of iatrogenic urethral strictures in elderly patients the authors suggest this method as not ex-cessively cumbersome and ensuring good passage of urine.


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