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Lymphoma of the bladder. Case report
Article published in Urologia Polska 2008/61/Supl. 1.


Łukasz Wojnar, Zbigniew Kwias, Michał Malkowski, Andrzej Antczak, Witold Malendowicz
Klinika Urologii i Onkologii Urologicznej w Poznaniu



Lymphoma of the bladder is rare lesion. In the literature less than 100 cases were described. Lymphoma representing 0.2 % of the primary neoplastic lesions, and 1.8 % of secondary lesions in this organ. In some cases – about 40% there was a history of chronic cystitis before lymphoma. Lymphoma of the bladder is more common among female than male, the ratio is 6.5:1. The median age of this lesion is about 64 years. The most common cases found in the literature have a low-grade lymphoma including the MALT, among cases with high-grade bladder lymphomas the most common is diffuse large cell lymphoma.


This study is a case report – diagnostic and comparison to literature.

Materials and methods.

33 years old woman was admitted to Urological Ward because of the tumor of the bladder, which was identified in ultrasonography. This lesion was found accidentally. The patient did not report any symptoms. She was subjected to transurethral electroresection. In the cystoscopic examination two lesions were found – one in the right wall of the bladder about 2 cm, and the second flat one about 2 cm in the left wall. The TUR-B was performed, a sample of the lesions was taken to histological examination.
Results. The final result of the histological examination was: Lymphoma malignum- WHO large B cell lymphoma. The patient was referred to Haematology Ward for further treatment.


The basis of diagnosis is histological examination with immunohistochemistry. In the ultrasonography this type of lesion- lymphoma is not distinguishable from a common lesion of the bladder. Chemotherapy with possible additional radiotherapy is the basic treatment of lymphoma in this case.