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Considerations on the subject of urosepsis in the face of present knowledge
Article published in Urologia Polska 2008/61/Supl. 1.


Miłosz Olczyk
Oddział Urologiczny SPZOZ w Pabianicach



The term „sepsa” is nowadays a very „fashionable”, „mediumistic” event. Repeatedly irresponsible editors of some medias, chasing the incrementation of sale, terrorize readers with a vision of „sepsa”, as a „pestilence of the XXI century”. In the meantime de-ceases in the course of various contagions were described in medical annals since antiquities. Presently we have clearly precised views, on what in fact „sepsis” is, and what are the stan-dards of its diagnosing and treatment.


1. The presentation of basic data on the subject of patomechanisms leading to the development of septic reaction. 2. Presentation of three cases of urosepsis, chosen out of the patients treated in the Urolgic Ward S.P.Z.O.Z. in Pabianice. 3. Evoking the discussion on the subject what is the task of urologists in diagnosing and tretment of sepsis.

Material and methods.

Descriptions of chosen cases of sepsis treated in Urologic Ward in S.P.Z.O.Z. in Pabianice. Presently available publications, articles and medical text books, including: „Guidelines Surviving Sepsis Campaign” Dellinger RP, Carlet J.M., Masur H., et al. for the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Management Guidelines Commitee. Crit Care Med 2004; 32: 858-873. „Early Idetification of Severe Sepsis” G. Marx XV Congres of Polish Society of Anaesthesi-ology & JCM Poznań. „Frequency of the Occurence of Severe Sepsis in Poland, Results of the Research of Preva-lence A.Kubler, Grupa robocza ds. Sepsy Polskiego Towarzystwa Anestezjologii i Intensy-wnej Terapii. Conference „Severe Sepsis – From the Idea to the Therapy” presentation of dr Duncan Wyn-coll 9th. Sept. 2003 Guy's & Thomas' Hospital London UK.


Despite the fact, that sepsis is well known to the medicine since antiquities, numerous myths related to one are still widespread. Therefore it is necessary to consequently abolish these myths. Nobody can substitute medical doctors in this task.