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Experimental studies on prostaglandin effect on the myoelectric activity of the ureters
Article published in Urologia Polska 1983/36/1.


Piotr Thor, Maciej Augustyn
Instytut Fizjologii AM w Krakowie
Dyrektor: prof. dr med. S. Konturek
Katedra i Klinika Urologii AM w Krakowie
Kierownik: prof. dr med. J. Leñko


Exparimental investigations were carried out on the effects of pirostaglandins PGF2alpha and PGÊs and prostacycilin PGI2 .an the myoelectric activity of the ureters. Prostaglandin E2 dnhibited the motor activity of the ureters, PGEialpiha and PGI2 stimulated the ureteral myoelectric activity at the doses used. The ac-tion of PGI2 stimuiating the ureteral muscular layer may depend on its diuretic effect.


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